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Can I order my own color?

Sorry, Right now, we are not offering this option to our customers. But, You can send a contact email with this request, so that we can send you email to notify when this offer become available in future.

How much of my image will I lose if I choose the photo wrap option?

That depends on the depth of photo wrap chosen: 0.75″- 3 inches, 1.5″- 4 inches, 2.5″- 6 inches.

Acceptable Formats?

Vector Files : Line art is scalable to any size, it never loses resolution and the image stays clean and crisp. Because of this, it can be submitted at any size that is in proportion to your canvas size.

Raster Files/Images : Depending on the resolution and Pixel base, images like .JPG, .TIFF, .PDF, .PNG becomes blurry when enlarged.

What dimensions and sizes should my artwork be?

For 12×18 Mounted Canvas / 1800px x 2700px
For 16×20 Mounted Canvas / 2400px x 3000px
For 16×24 Mounted Canvas / 2400px x 3600px
For 20×30 Mounted Canvas / 3000px x 4500px
For 24×36 Mounted Canvas / 3600px x 5400px
For 30×40 Mounted Canvas / 4500px x 6000px
For 32×48 Mounted Canvas / 4800px x 7200px

Thumbnail sized JPG and GIF files are not at a high enough resolution to use on large prints like canvas.

File Tips:
• Set the size in proportion to the exact size canvas you are ordering.


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