Ad-America-DirectMailDirect Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is a great solution for businesses to reach a target audience of their choice. We give our customers Insight & Analytics that turn their raw numbers into useful information to support strategic decision-making and bottom-line growth.

Ad America defines a unique communications approach that entices your customers to respond. Our experience enables us to recommend the right data to target and reach precisely the audiences and segments you desire. Our Art Department will help you produce Digital Marketing campaigns and measure the results through fulfillment methods, from enhancing online engagements to producing millions of personalized and compelling direct mail pieces, hand-delivered to your ideal targets.

A great way is to include a printed response device, in general, more customers will respond using the printed response device, i.e., they will mail back an enrollment form. This is because the printed response device in direct mail serves as both a physical and subliminal reminder to respond. Other tips also includes multiple calls to action and an expiration date, personalization to drive relevancy and the power of P.S. encapsulates your primary message.

Every Door Direct

Take advantage of USPS Every Door Direct MailĀ® Service online mapping tool. Every Door Direct Mail delivery service make it easy and economical to plan and execute a mailing. Let Ad America print & prepare your mailers or just create mail-pieces on your own, select postal routes and take care of the rest.