Use Ad America’s translation services for effective global communication.Translation Services

Ad America’s affiliated translation service uses a network of over 130 translators that include native speaking professional translators with degrees in translation, relevant accreditations, and certificates, or with training and experience in international organizations providing high quality translations at a reasonable price. Our areas of specialization include business, medical, and technical translations.

Our translators have extensive dictionaries, the latest glossary management tools, and Internet access to industry-specific terminology in multiple languages. Translation cost is a direct function of the total word count and varies by language  and subject matter, offering personalized service and quick response time without aggravating voicemail or automated message systems.

High-quality translation and interpreting provides:

  • More customers and additional business opportunities by offering existing sales, marketing or informational materials in languages that invite in an entirely new audience
  • Efficiencies within the organization – better communication can reduce customer service, or increase a patient’s adherence to medical advice
  • Compliance with legal requirements to offer accurate information in a customer’s native language

Want to translate thousands of product descriptions? Publish user reviews in multiple languages? Or grow your revenue and conversion rates? With Ad America, you can do all this and more.